Satellite Broadband Internet Pricing - Tooway

Using the latest technologies, the next generation of High Speed Satellite Broadband Internet products are available across the whole of Scotland using Tooway's dedicated broadband internet satellite, Kasat.

Available across the whole of Scotland we bring you the fastest Tooway satellite broadband services with speeds of up to 30Mbps anywhere in Scotland. Get connected with Simply Balanced, one of Scotland's leading distributors, a company that cares.

Simply Balanced satellite broadband systems do not require a telephone line, and are not geographically dependent. If you are not sure which service level will suit you best contact Simply Balanced, we will be more than willing to help.

Tooway Hardware and installation pricing:

Tooway Residential Services:

Next Generation Residential Surfbeam2 modem with built-in Wif-Fi router, up to 22Mbps down link and up to 6Mbps up link, >12-month or 1-month rolling contract, 1 dynamic IP address supplied. Optimised for general domestic web use

Installed from £699+ (standard installation, excluding return mileage and activation fee)

Service Package SBBS 2^ SBBS 10 SBB15 SBBS 25 SBBS 40 SBBS 100!
Data allowance per month: 2GB per month at any time of day  10GB per month at any time of day  15 GB per month 25GB "Day Time" * 40GB "Day Time" * 100GB "Day Time"*
at any time of day Unlimited "Night Time" data allowance* Unlimited "Night Time" data allowance* Unlimited "Night Time" data allowance*
Monthly cost £19.95/month £27.95/month £37.95/month £47.95/month £67.95month £97.95/month

Please note that Residential services are subject to a Fair Access Policy. We recommend that you consult the policy which you can see full details of here before making your choices.

Tooway Business
Professional/Business Surfbeam2 Pro modem, up to 30Mbps down link and up to 6Mbps up link: all TCP/UDP ports are open and 1 static IP address is supplied as standard. 24, 12 or 1 month rolling contract.  Ideal for businesses, SCADA, remote server, CCTV etc

Installed from £835+ (excluding return mileage)

Backup* Business 25 Business 40 Business 100 Business 200 Business 500
2GB/month 25GB/month 40GB/month 100GB/month 200GB/month 200GB/month
£60/month £65/month £90/month £200/month £400/month £850/month

Enhancements and Extras

Scope Of Supply


Heavy duty wall mount for use in exposed locations (typical)


VoIP telephones and adaptors, from £96


Non Penetrating Room Mount (NPRM) - for use on flat roof or on hard ground where post is impractical (excludes site preparation)


Wireless router, including installation and configuration (used to connect multiple devices) from


Wireless Access Port/Range Extender, including installation and configuration for freestanding installation (cabled installation involves additional costs) from


Get connected with SBBS, one of Scotland's leading distributors and a company that cares! Call 01467 624543

Tooway Pricing notes:

  1. Please note that all Residential services are subject to a Fair Access Policy. Written details are available on our web site or on request.
  2. There is no charge for upgrading to a higher package; your monthly fee will be adjusted pro rata to accommodate the change.
  3. Should you decide to downgrade to a lesser package in the future there will be a one of fee equivalent to a one month fee at the higher rate in addition to the lower service charge fees. This charge is levied on us by the wholesaler and we have to pass it on to our clients.
  4. Tooway Residential packages use IP addresses issued via Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) from the earth station. Tooway does not allow the Dynamic DNS (DDNS) protocol to function on Residential packages. Static IP addresses are available with all Tooway Business service packages.
  5. Please note that "Installed from" prices exclude Activation fees, currently £25 for Residential activations and £35 for Business activations, and return mileage at £0.46/mile. Please see note 8. Travel expenses in the General notes below.
  6. Business service packages can be used on residential systems.
General notes:
1. This a budget quotation. Whilst we make every effort to display up-to-date information, prices are subject to change at short notice. Prices shown are what you pay
2. If installation varies from standard additional charges may apply. The engineer will confirm this prior to installation.
3. Hire charges are payable in advance. Additional charges for excess bandwidth, or changes to scope by hirer are due within 30 days of invoicing.
4. Purchases: 1-month rolling, 12 or 24 months contract applies. Initial payment to include hardware, first month service package and installation to be paid at time of ordering. All subsequent payments to be made by standing order.
5. A site survey is essential to determine which satellites can be seen from the premises, possible obstructions, and the best location for the antenna and the type of mounting to be employed. Site surveys are payable in advance.
6. To comply with service provider conditions installation of the satellite equipment must be carried out by a Certified Installer. Re-use of existing satellite equipment is not permitted.
7. Travel expenses are based on a return journey between our base in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire and the customer premises. We use Google Maps to calculate the shortest car journey. Ferry fares, tolls etc will be charged at cost.
8. We will charge for overnight accommodation and subsistence at cost where significant travel is required by the engineer.
9. When used as a ground stand NPRM’s require a flat area on which to stand. The installer will assemble and level the stand. Site preparation, undergrowth clearance, trenching for conduits and providing slabs or blocks to ballast the stand is the customer’s responsibility. A charge of £62.50 will be made if the installer has to prepare the site. Detailed requirements are available on request. When an NPRM is to be installed on a flat roof, ensuring that the roof is capable of supporting the combined load of the equipment and the installer is the customer's responsibility.
10. All details given on equipment and services listed in our advertising material and web sites are accurate to the best of our knowledge however we accept no responsibility for errors or omissions.It is the buyer’s responsibility to fully satisfy themselves of the accuracy of all details prior to purchase.
11. Full Terms and Conditions are available on our web site, written copies are available on request

Please be advised that:
1. The headline speeds quoted are “up to” speeds and will be subject to factors such as package chosen, weather, contention ratios, peak activity times and network issues etc that can impact on the speeds quoted.
2. The quality of VoIP telephony can vary and will be subject to factors such as package chosen, weather, contention ratios, peak activity times and network issues etc that can impact on the sound quality.
3. Because of the distances involved communications over satellite links are not instantaneous. There will be a noticeable delay in the response of online applications and speech. These delays, known as "Latency", can be affected by a number of factors and can impact on the quality of the data or speech.