What are 'Referrals'?

We like to reward our customers for promoting SBBS' high speed broadband satellite services to their friends and family. The reason is simple - you can't beat word of mouth recommendation.

Our 'Referrals' scheme gives you a discount of one month's free air time for every person that joins us from your recommendation. It's as simple as that.

Once your Satellite Broadband System is up and running, for every friend or neighbour you introduce we will give you a discount.

How much money will I save?

The discount that you get depends on the number of friends or neighbours that you introduce and who sign up to one of our services. If you introduce one new customer you get one month free airtime, introduce three new customers you'll get three months free air time.

There's no limit to the discount that we'll give you; the more people that join because of your recommendation the more money you'll save.

How do I refer?

Most people recommend their friends and family by speaking to them. All they need to do is give us your name and address when they sign up and you'll see your monthly bill go down.


Please refer to our Referral Terms and Conditions for full detaila of the scheme.


You can see the scheme's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or you can Contact Simply Balanced for more information