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Our support is legendary; it is one of our key strengths and we commit ourselves to providing the best possible support to our customers. At Simply Balanced we do not make you pay for technical support or force you to call expensive 0905 out of hours support lines (at 1.50 per minute!), unlike some other satellite internet service providers. You will find our contact details below; customers also receive the MD's cell and private/home numbers when they join us.

Support telephone numbers:

Office hours (09.00 - 17.00):
Telephone: 01467 624 543
Cell: 0780 777 66 26

Emergency out of hours contact - Please note that these numbers are provided for call outs and operational emergencies only:

Telephone: 01467 624 543
Cell: 0780 777 66 26

Calling the office:
If we are not available during office hours because we are out on an installation or service call our PA will take a message then send an email to our Blackberry telephones. We work in some very remote locations so if we cannot respond to your telephone call immediately we will respond to your call as soon as is practical.

Calling our cell numbers:
If we cannot take your call because we are out of coverage then our telephones also have answering services. These services send us an email to tell us you called; please leave a message and telephone number and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Service Rates:
Wherever possible we will attempt to resolve your issue by email or telephone at no additional cost to you however sometimes a service visit is the only way to progress a problem to a satisfactory resolution. There is a one year warranty on all parts and labour however outside of warranty our telecommunications rates are:

Service calls: 42 per hour on site
Mileage: 46p/mile
Onshore day rate: 336 per 8 hr day
Maritime/Offshore Oil and Gas day rate: 600 per 12 hr day or part thereof

Basic problem solving on satellite internet systems...

Satellite broadband internet is very reliable however problems may be experienced from time to time such as:
We're always here to help you however here are a few things that you might like to try for yourself.

Slow Internet?

If you find that the internet is running very slowly please check your data usage summary first:
Please note that these links will only display the usage when entered on a device attached to your satellite broadband internet system.

Satellite Broadband Internet Link Speed Testing:

Terrestrial broadband speed checkers do not work well over satellite links and we cannot accept results obtained from these sites; Use these alternatives:

Please note:


Tooway users have an on line speed testing tool at that checks the link latency, jitter, packet losses and speed. It gives good results when compared to NetPerSec (see below).


Avanti's speed testing tool is on the web check portal at or

Avanti also recommend using NetPerSec to check your down load/up load speeds. It is a very simple tool that allows you to monitor the traffic through your network port whilst you down load/up load files to the internet. Try using your email client to send a 3-4Mb  jpg or pdf file to yourself. Please note that NetPerSec is for use with Windows operating systems only.

Download NetPerSec

What else can I try?

A large proportion of issues can be resolved simply by “Power Cycling”, i.e.  turning everything off and then turning it all back on again. Whilst this may appear to be a bit rough and ready it is surprising how often it works. The process below describes a Tooway modem however Avanti modems are similar.
Make a point of keeping an eye on the lights on the satellite modem and router and get used to how they look, especially when they are "booting up" after a power cycle; it may make it easier for you to spot when something is not right.

There are a few other things you may wish to try:

Before proceeding please see the Cautions notice below!