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Data usage on satellite broadband internet

The fairest way to ensure that every customer receives a good service is to use graduated tariff levels and Fair Usage policies. It ensures that occasional users with only one or two internet connected devices pay less and receive the same level of service as a large family with many devices.

You can view the Fair Use Policies here:

Tooway: Tooway Fair Use Policy
Avanti Residential: Avanti Residential Fair Use Policy
Avanti Business: Avanti Business Fair Use Policy

Where is my data going?

Daily activities can use a surprising amount of data, as can downloading movies and TV programmes. As a general guide:
Activity Data consumption
One hour of web browsing 10 - 25MB
Download a document 2MB
One hour of Facebook 20MB
Download a music track 4MB
Stream 30 minutes of YouTube 175MB
Download a non-HD film 700MB
Download an HD film 4GB
Stream one hour of non-HD video 250MB
Stream one hour of HD video 2GB
Stream one hour of music or radio 150MB

What else?

There are endless permutations that could contribute to your data usage; here are some examples that may help you to track down the heavy users......

What? How?
Anything connected to your satellite data network could use your data
Everything that goes through the satellite terminal is measured
Satellite data usage meters combine both upload and download to give an overall usage figure

Internet enabled/smart Television receivers
Sky satellite TV receivers
Sonos, Jongo, Samsung, Bose and similar sound systems
Internet enabled/smart radio receivers
Gaming consoles such as Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo
VoIP telephones

Streaming TV and radio programmes
Streaming music from Spotify, BBC
Youtube video clips
Netflix and similar movie sites
iPlayer and STV player catch up TV programmes
On line computer games
Xbox, Playstaion, Nintendo Console games
Skype, Facetime, Hangouts
Internet browsing
Drop Box and file transfers
Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections to the office
Photo sharing, Flickr

In the background:
Operating System updates
Software updates
Antivirus updates
Online backup such as Norton
Drop box updates
Router activity such as DNS look up, routing table updates

Virus/Trojan activity
Neighbours can access your Wi-Fi

Other people have your Wi-Fi access code such as neighbours, family, friends, lodgers or guests
Virus/Trojan programmes not up to date

How can I check my data usage?
You can check your data usage on the customer portals:
Tooway users can access this in the
Avanti users can access this in at
Please note that these links can only be accessed when you are connected to your satellite data network.