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Large parts of Scotland have little or no access to high speed broadband Internet. Rural communities are poorly served and even villages close to large towns or cities often find that that their download speeds are very slow. This is a situation that is not likely to change for some considerable time to come and BT are quoting ridiculous sums to install new telephone lines.

satellite internet dishScottish broadband satellite Internet provider Simply Balanced Business Services supplies satellite broadband Internet services that address this problem. We have been involved with satellite communications since its inception. So, when it comes to providing communications in remote areas we know what we are doing and we've been doing it successfully for more than 30 years, from ships and oil rigs far out at sea to distant desert locations.

Whether you are a farmer needing the latest market prices, a business in a rural area or you want Internet connectivity at your family home or weekend cottage we can supply, install and maintain a variety of affordable solutions to enable you to connect to the Internet and pick up and send your email using Broadband Satellite Internet Access technologies. We are offering new satellite internet services from Tooway and Avanti with up to 30Mb download speeds; see our Avanti and Tooway Satellite Broadband Internet System Prices pages for further information.

Rural satellite Internet access is rapidly becoming a "must have" for many rural businesses in Scotland who cannot afford to wait for conventional infrastructures to work their way out of the central belt.

Satellite broadband internet can also be used for emergency back up communications when your main bearer fails. This application is an ideal tool in your disaster recovery strategy toolbox.

We can help communities too; our satellite broadband and wireless technologies can bring high speed broadband internet to remote rural Scottish communities that may have to wait years for it to arrive by conventional means.

We are a family run Scottish business based in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, placing us in an ideal position to service the needs of our customers in the north and northeast of Scotland (Grampian region) and beyond.

We can provide rural satellite broadband Internet services elsewhere in Scotland including the Highlands and Islands, Moray, Angus and Dundee, Perthshire, Fife, Argyll and the Scottish borders

The lack of ADSL or 3G or 4G telephone systems in your area is no longer a hindrance to getting online; our Broadband Satellite Internet solutions can be used just about anywhere.

Here are just a few examples of where Satellite Broadband Internet is already being used:

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